Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tribute to the King of Pop

in remembrance of the passing of the legendary King of Pop,
the Hive presents

A tribute to the King himself.
Performances by the Semi-Finalists of UCSI Got Talent..

23rd July 2009
Lobby, Block A, SouthWing.

come and experience his music once again...

credits: Carmen Chan for doing the poster

Friday, June 5, 2009

Round 2

Can't get enough of the semi-finalists?

come and watch them perform again.
The UCSI got talent semifinalists will perform again this time around.

Since we couldn't accommodate all of them the last time around, we're having round 2 for the rest to perform!

11th June 2009
Lobby, Block A, SouthWing

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This semester on TheHive...

hi guyss....

It's a brand new semester and a brand new Hive!
This coming Hive, we will be having performers from different areas of music - from dancers, to beatboxers and definitely bands.

In conjunction with UCSI Got Talent, some of these performers will be performing in hopes of woo-ing you with their talents and garnering your support. Do stop by to get a sneak peek of them before they battle it out in the semi's on Friday.

Come join us on:

Thursday (28th May 2009)
Ground Floor Lobby, Block A (SouthWing)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hive: Up North and Down South Sessions!

Yo peeps! This week Hive will be having back-to-back sessions in North Wing AND South Wing on two different dates, the 18th and the 19th of March, this Wednesday and Thursday! No, we are not doing this cuz we are too free or we want to test our endurance, but we are doing this for YOU! Yes YOU! We could see it in your eyes, the disappointment and the despair when we left you guys with no Hive sessions for quite some time. Poster time:
The Hive at North Wing, Cafeteria Area this Wednesday, 18th March 2009! Be apart of this very first appearance in North Wing!
The Hive, back at South Wing, Lobby, Block A this Thursday, 19th March 2009! Rock your socks out with our awesome Hive sessions!

Come, have fun and take a break amidst our heavy load of assignments and other things. Unwind and enjoy our amazing and dedicated performers' performances!

See you ALL there!

The Hive is back!!!

peeps! Yes The Hive is back! Well, was back actually. We had a really nice and simple session of Hive last month on the 19th of February. It was a good break and we needed it cuz we were all drained up over UniFest 09. After the much needed rest and time-out, we continued with our Hive sessions. In case you don't know what The Hive is all about (first-time reader or something), do read it up on the top right corner of this blog, or search and join our Facebook Group (link HERE)!

Here are some snapshots from our Hive session on the 19th of February. Performances by CIA, Indonesian rock/pop trio, Mr. Justin Ang, solo pop/emo fusion singer and Adeline & Friends, solo folk/pop blues singer:

The CIA Trio.

The behind-scene-man, the ever important Mr Terry Yeow and our enigmatic emcee Benji.

The crowd.

Justin Ang.

All in all, a great set and a great session. Until the next Hive session!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

coming soon..

The Hive...

coming to the UCSI near you.
come and perform, entertain, show-off your talent or just have fun!!

taking in interested people now.

Lam: 017-2026728
MeiCher: 016-7168929

Friday, January 23, 2009

Unifest' 09.

Unifest has been a great run and a huge success.
Many thanks to all those who turned up to enjoy themselves, the helpers and crews, the performers and especially the committee for slaving to make this party a huge success!
also, of course, terry yeow, our advisor and overseer for the whole event.

Many thanks to Joshua Chay from our very own Mass Communication department for the beautiful capturings.